What the signing of Tim Tebow means for the Patriots

By Eric Katz

I thought that after Tim Tebow was released from the New York Jets that was the end of his time in the NFL.

Well I thought wrong because the New England Patriots signed him to a two-year contract with no guaranteed money. Which I think is a code name for “you are going to show us on the field that you deserve the money.”

 This is great because Tebow will be given more of a chance then he did with the Jets. I suspect Tim Tebow will be used in short yardage situations.

Last season the Patriots ran the ball the most in short yardage situations and it did not always work.

With Tebow doing some of that work now, I think the Patriots will convert key downs more often. Originally I thought that the Patriots were signing Tebow just for the publicity they were going to receive.

I thought this because that is what the Jets basically did. Well considering the Patriots hate distractions, they probably intend on using him for something productive in the NFL.

Tebow is not a great quarterback but he is clutch and all he does is win. I believe that this signing will work out for the Patriots in the long run.

I am excited to see how the Patriots will use him in their offense. I hope to see some of those running plays on third or fourth down that the Patriots were talking about but at the same time, I still have my doubts though about this signing.

Last off season the Jets said that they would use Tebow in running plays for short yardage. Well they used him a little bit for that but not as often as people thought.

When Mark Sanchez lost his starting job it was speculated that Tebow would start. Instead they gave it to third string quarterback Greg McElroy and they never ran a play with Tebow again. I hope that the Patriots are good to their word about this.

But knowing Bill Belichick I have a feeling the Patriots will execute on their part of using Tebow. This season will be different about Tebow as well. Instead of donning the familiar number 15 that he wore in college at Florida and with the Denver Broncos and Jets, Tebow will where the number five.

He will have to make the switch because current backup quarterback Ryan Mallet already has the number 15.

But then again it will be hard to miss Tebow’s face since we see him in the news often. The better part of this deal is Tebow will remain at quarterback and not any other position.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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