Clippers are sitting in the middle of trade rumors

By James Williams

The Los Angeles Clippers are likely going to be a team that will have some fresh faces if at least one of the recent trade rumors becomes true.

Earlier in the offseason we saw coach Vinny Del Negro get fired after leading the Clippers to the franchise’s best season with a record of 56-26 and the team’s first Pacific Division title.

The latest buzz to replace Del Negro has been former Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw or current Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, among other candidates.

If Clippers are said to be in trade talks with the Celtics about not only acquiring Rivers as a coach but also veteran players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Pierce and Garnett were rumored to be traded before the most recent trade deadline but a trade was never made.

There had also been speculation of the Clippers trading players like Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe as part of trades to get the two veterans to Los Angeles.

Whether Griffin and Bledsoe are officially on the trading block for the Clippers, the twos appear to be pieces that would be traded as part of some blockbuster trade.

There has also been talk of current free agents Chris Paul and Dwight Howard wanting to team up together.

While the Atlanta Hawks appear to have the cap space needed to sign both players, the Clippers are rumored to trade Griffin and Bledsoe to the Lakers in a sign-and-trade to acquired Dwight Howard.

Not only would that give the Lakers the young stars they may need going forward but it will also help the Clippers keep Paul, who was the team’s captain this season.

While everything is still a rumor until it becomes official, Clippers fans and NBA basketball fans in general, will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see where these major free agent players go during the offseason.


3 responses to “Clippers are sitting in the middle of trade rumors

  1. Do you really think so? Doesn’t make sense to trade him. Like Really? I Mean, I Am A Big Celtics Fan and I Want To Get Younger, But It Doesn’t Make Sense. Blake Griffin is Overrated And We Already Have Rondo. I mean, Come On Ainge. Here Is What We Need to Do:
    1. Trade Garnett for Josh Smith.
    2. Trade Paul Pierce for LeBron James OR trade Pierce for Future Picks and expiring contracts. Sign Andrew Igoudala.
    3. OR Trade Garnett for YOUNG Big Guys.
    4. Sign Greg Oden
    Opening Day Lineup 2013:
    Rajon Rondo
    Avery Bradly
    Andrew Igoudala
    Jeff Green
    Greg Oden
    Bench: Courtney Lee
    Jason Terry
    Brandon Bass
    Fab Melo
    Jared Sullinger
    Jordan Crawford
    DJ White
    We Gonna Be 61-21 with THAT team. Sullinger is getting SO MUCH better. We Dont Need Eric Gordon or Eric Bledsiw. We Have RAJON RONDO. Your thoughts????????? 🙂

    • Well the potential Celtics-Clippers trade is rumored to send DeAndre Jordan to the Celtics for Garnet and Doc. But the Celtics wants Bledsoe in the deal as well but the Clippers won’t budge on that. As far as signing Iggy, that would be a pretty smart move. But they would need to clear space by getting rid of Pierce. I doubt Oden will ever be able to contribute as a starter. Which is hard to say because I would love to see him healthy. Celtics will be rebuilding for a couple seasons either way. They will be lucky to win 45 games MAX next season

      – Tim Cornell

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