Phil Jackson holds consultant “role” with the Lakers’ organization

By James Williams

Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss were in attendance for a Los Angeles Lakers event tonight.

Here are some interesting quotes to take away from the event about the Lakers former head coach and his “role” with the organization now.

“Even though he doesn’t have an official role with us, he’s a consultant of sorts,” said Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

“He’s part of my life and part of my family, Jeanie Buss said. “He’s always in the Lakers world no matter if he has an official position or not.”

Jeanie Buss is the team’s executive vice president of business operations.

During the event, Jackson said “I’m trying to find a way to bring the (Lakers) back to prominence through getting a contract resolution going and signing the people they have to sign.”

Jackson also stated there are no issues between him and Jeanie’s brother Jim Buss, who is the team’s executive vice president of player personnel, but said he and Jim have a “causal relationship.”

(Quotes from Arash Markazi)


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