The gambling era is a bigger down fall than steroids

By Eric Katz

I know for a fact that a lot of baseball fans are sick of hearing about steroids. Some fans think that steroids are the worst thing that happened in baseball. Well there are worse things that have happened to baseball such as strikes and gambling. Most people think it isn’t as big as steroids. Well baseball fans you thought wrong.

Gambling takes away the games integrity more than steroid have done now. For example in 1919 the Chicago White Sox lost the World Series on purpose because of gamblers.

Another example is Pete Rose gambled on games while manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Also there were other incidents but let’s stick to the big ones. One may ask how this is worse than steroids.

When the “Black Sox” World Series incident happened MLB elected there very first commissioner in Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Landis said that anyone who gambles on the game of baseball shall be banned for life.

He made good on this statement by banning eight White Sox players.

When you look at it gambling does not look as bad but when you really look at it is a lot worse than steroids. Seeing teams lose on purpose makes everyone look worse than taking a steroid.

It is one thing to hit a 500 foot home run when on steroid but it is completely different when trying to lose.

Gambling would destroy trust between players, managers, owners, coaches and the commissioner of baseball.


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