The Guru is back with his Week 3 NFL upset special

By Trey Crosby III

Are we having fun yet? I think we are. Week 2 was very exciting with games coming down to the wire all over the league. How bout’ them Chiefs?

Yes, Andy Reid and Kansas City are for real this season, and I don’t think it’s a fluke. We saw Ron Rivera go all Ron Rivera and make sure the Panthers lost another close ball game.

We saw Philip Rivers go…errr..I’m actually not sure who he was because he won a close game instead of his normal 4th quarter collapse. For the record, I have ALWAYS been a Rivers backer.

What about Jay Cutler going bonkers with his late game heroics for the Bears? Gotta love the gunslinger. The only letdown was the supposed game of the week which pitted San Fran in Seattle. That was a yawner until Richard Sherman gave us some post game fireworks calling people who picked against the Hawks (ME ME ME ME ME!!!) idiots after the game for doing so. NOT NICE Richard.

Now to top it all off, the Cleveland Browns have decided to take the Number 1 pick in next years draft as they decided to ship off former number 3 overall pick Trent Richardson to Indy for a first round pick. Amazing.

In other news. ALERT ALERT The Guru is back. I went 10-6 picking games this week and am back on solid ground after a tumultuous start. Things are looking up, and thats a GuruDAMNtee.


2013-2014 Season picks record


    Upset Special (0-1)


  GuruDAMNtee (1-1)


       Last Week (10-6)


          Overall (16-16)



Chiefs 28 @ Eagles 26 *UPSET SPECIAL*

Texans 24 @ Ravens 17

Browns 12 @ Vikings 21

Giants 28 @ Panthers 16

Packers 31 @ Bengals 30

Rams 24 @ Cowboys 20

Lions 22 @ Redskins 28

Bucs 19 @ Patriots 24

Cardinals 23 @ Saints 35

Chargers 34 @ Titans 28

Falcons 31 @ Dolphins 27

Bills 17 @ Jets 14

Colts 27 @ 49ers 31 *GuruDAMNtee*

Jaguars 3 @ Seahawks 31

Bears 22 @ Steelers 17

Raiders 10 @ Broncos 38


Kansas City gets the Upset Special this week. On the road, the Andy Reid reunion blah blah blah. KC is a 3 point underdog. I’m taking them in a thriller on Thursday night to open up the week. Didn’t want to do a “gimme” guarantee pick, so I am taking the 49ers at home against Indy.

Should be a safe bet even with Trent Richardson coming in town. Yes, Trent is an upgrade at RB but, he can’t block for himself, and Indy’s OL is… name one player you know on that offensive line. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Exactly.

I like A-Rod on the road against Andy Dalton. I like the Redskins to finally break the snide against Detroit at home. Come on RGIII, do SOMETHING..ANYTHING.

I take EJ Manuel over Geno Smith in the battle of the rookies. Finally, I wonder when Pete Carroll will call the dogs off when Seattle beats the Jags out west.

Sorry, I spoiled another round of games for you this week by correctly predicting everything that will happen. I won’t do it again…Until the next time. COURAGE. 




2 responses to “The Guru is back with his Week 3 NFL upset special

  1. Last Week: 10-6
    Overall: 21-11
    Guarantee: 2-0
    Upset Special: 2-0

    Chiefs 24 Eagles 28
    Browns 10 Vikings 24 Guarantee
    Packers 31 Bengals 21
    Rams 24 Cowboys 28
    Chargers 31 Titans 17 Upset Special
    Buccaneers 14 Patriots 21
    Cardinals 17 Saints 24
    Lions 31 Redskins 34
    Giants 24 Panthers 21
    Texans 38 Ravens 21
    Falcons 21 Dolphins 17
    Bills 13 Jets 17
    Colts 21 49ers 28
    Jaguars 7 Seahawks 28
    Bears 24 Steelers 17
    Raiders 17 Broncos 30

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