Hulk Hogan and WWE reunite?

By  ShaiVaughn Crawley

During a recent interview at the Fan Expo 2013 event in Toronto, Canada, Hulk Hogan made a few comments that showed his relationship has seen better days.

When asked if he’d ever return to WWE, he said “never say never – anything is possible in this business” response. This is indeed a teaser for what could be yet another big turn in the WWE.

With TNA making some major cuts this year due to a near bankruptcy, Hulk Hogan, the 12 time World Champion being a six-time WWF/E Champion, and six-time WCW Champion, was one of the unfortunate victims.

Hulk Hogan’s contract expires on October 1st, 2013.

Only one question remains: What does the WWE have for him? We ARE talking about a man who has been in the wrestling business for well over 35 years, and then some. What could the WWE possibly do with him. He’s been a general manager, he’s been a referee, he’s been a ring manager, he’s been a wrestler (obviously), and he’s been a commentator.

Hogan has done quite a lot in the business, and for him to return to the WWE just to do the ‘same ole-same ole’ would be a slap in the face of the WWE fans who respects and admire him.

Personally, I believe that Hogan should just retire. He’s an actor, having been on plenty movies, as well as reality TV shows and his very own wrestling venue, ‘Hulkamania Tour’.

Quite frankly, no money would be sincerely lost if he retired. His net worth was $30 million, and that was BEFORE the divorce. He is currently down to five million, the professional wrestler with the least net worth.

I believe that there comes a time, when your engine burns out. When your well runs dry. When your pen runs out of ink. Hogan has most DEFINITELY reached this point in his career. So ‘Brother’, hang up the boots.


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