Do you agree with the NFL Guru’s Week 4 picks?

By Trey Crosby III

Back to the drawing board for me it seems. Just when I get a glimmer of hope after a 10-6 Week two, I revert back to my old habits and absolutely bomb Week three predictions. So what happened since we’ve been away?

The Texans always come up short. It’s pretty clear, these guys just don’t have what it takes to be a real contender. The AFC is now 11-2 versus NFC opponents. Sheesh. Talk about superior play. Does any division have more pre-season hype than the NFC East? I mean seriously, and then they come out and just stink up the entire field. The Giants look pathetic, Chip Kelly’s “innovate”, “high powered” offense is already dead and we didn’t even make it half a season. Then we have this guy…


Yup. The Washington Post did that to Mr. Griffin. I’m guessing his new ad campaign will go something like “ALL IN FOR WEEK…umm..umm..DAMN YOU ADRIAN PETERSON”. Speaking of AP, where is he? Seriously, the Browns?? Let me PONDER. Yes, that was a pun. Can anybody stop Peyton Manning? At this point, is it even fair?

Yo, Greg Schiano, go ahead and admit that you rigged that Captain vote so Josh Freeman wouldn’t win. Come on, we know. Does Schiano think Mike Glennon is the answer? Does Schiano know that usually when you start throwing QB’s out the door the Head Coach usually isn’t far behind? Gahhhhhh…But, while we’re here, let me state for the record that, I am a MIKE GLENNON fan. Ya know, just in case this works, I can say I was behind it. Sort of. Anyway, let’s get to the picks.

2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (1-1)

GuruDAMNtee (1-2)

Last Week (6-10)

Overall (22-26)

49ers 28 @ Rams 24

Ravens 23 @ Bills 14

Bengals 39 @ Browns 17

Bears 20 @ Lions 19

Seahawks 21 @ Texans 20

Colts 34 @ Jaguars 10

*Giants 13 @ Chiefs 30* GuruDAMNtee

Steelers 14 @ Vikings 29 *London*

Cardinals 35 @ Bucs 31

Jets 20 @ Titans 24

Cowboys 30 @ Chargers 34

Eagles 17 @ Broncos 38

Redskins 23 @ Raiders 17

Patriots 23 @ Falcons 28

*Dolphins 35 @ Saints 34* UPSET SPECIAL

I have lost all faith in the G Men, meanwhile I have all the faith in the world in Andy Reid. Chiefs will handle this one easy. Who thought Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins would have it rolling so far? Even though they are going into a treacherous environment and are 6.5 point underdogs, I like them in the dome over the Saints. Shoutout to my fantasy WR Brian Hartline too. GET IN THE END ZONE buddy. I picked a lot of road teams this week, including Chicago, who go into Sunday as 3 point underdogs against Detroit. Jay Cutler will get it done.

Look for Colin Kaepernick to figure it out and get it done this week. He has lots of pressure on him and I think he performs in a big way to get the doubters off his back. I think Mike Glennon will come up short, but he will put up a hell of an effort in the process. Moral victories are for minor league coaches, but, ehhh. It’s a start.

The Bengals will bring the Browns back to reality and AP will run wild in London to get the Vikings into the win column. Peyton Manning will go Peyton Manning on the Eagles and show you Chip Kelly fans once again, that this just isn’t Oregon. If you want to challenge me, put your picks in the comments box and go 1 on 1 with the Guru. Until next time. Remember Folks. COURAGE.


One response to “Do you agree with the NFL Guru’s Week 4 picks?

  1. Upset: 2-1
    Guarantee: 2-1
    Last Week: 7-9
    Overall: 28-20

    49ers 30 Rams 17
    Steelers 17 Vikings 24
    Ravens 20 Bills 10
    Bengals 28 Browns 24
    Bears 28 Lions 35
    Giants 24 Chiefs 17 Upset
    Cardinals 17 Buccaneers 14
    Colts 24 Jaguars 7
    Seahawks 21 Texans 24
    Eagles 31 Broncos 38
    Jets 17 Titans 14
    Redskins 34 Raiders 20 Guarantee
    Cowboys 31 Chargers 24
    Patriots 21 Falcons 28
    Dolpins 24 Saints 30

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