The Guru’s Week 6 picks and thoughts on the Redskins’ name

By Trey Crosby III

I went 7-7 last week, and after apologizing to Tom Brady, well he let me down. I know you guys are dying to find out what I thought of the NFL last week, so here’s my recap.


Let’s start with the aforementioned Tom Terrific. Brady had a rough day last week in Cincy. Although, I’m almost sure that if a monsoon hadn’t arrived right before that final drive, he would have gotten the job done. It’s clear that Brady and his group of misfit Wideouts aren’t on the same page so far this season. It’s also clear that the ol’ ball coach Bill Belichick made a mistake letting go of Wes Welker.


Did you see that Denver/Dallas game? Excuse me, I meant Enver/Allas. There was no “D” to be found. Twitter is famous for calling things that don’t happen or end up not to be true. However, virtually everybody on twitter called for a Tony Romo interception to lose the game for the Cowboys, and…they got just that. One of these days, Tony Romo is going to win a SuperBowl and stop being slandered so much, but until then, he’s always going to be the guy who botched the hold in the playoffs. His clutch factor late in games has got to be a -40 on Madden.


Is it just me, or is Matthew Stafford not all that good? No Megatron means no offense for Detroit. Green Bay beat up the Lions pretty soundly out at Lambeau. SN: I chose DET last week on the premise Megatron was going to play.


Apparently, an angry Texans fan showed up at Matt Schaub’s house after Houston got trampled Sunday. It doesn’t look good for the Texans. The problem lies with the fact T.J. Yates is the backup QB. Really hard to bench Schaub when you look at the bench and…T.J. Yates is sitting there. Anyway, it’s equally as hard to throw four Pick 6’s in consecutive games. I’m no QB, but I think I could avoid that fate…Possibly. Maybe Houston should line JJ Watt up in the backfield, ya know, just so they can make a tackle during the interception return. Sheesh.


Geno Smith led a game winning drive against Atlanta on Monday Night. Am I convinced he will be  a great QB in this league? No, but I do like him for right now, and he has New York on the right track. Good story, good kid. On the other hand, Atlanta has to be devastated. Matty Lukewarm lost his best target Julio Jones to a foot injury that will end his season. Safe to say, ATL is done. I bet Tony Gonzalez wishes he was back in Kansas City right now.


To the picks. #GuruSays




 2013-2014 Season picks record


    Upset Special (1-3)


  GuruDAMNtee (2-3)


       Last Week (7-7)


          Overall (39-38)






Giants 16 @ Bears 22

Bengals 19 @ Bills 16

Packers 27 @ Ravens 24

Lions 17 @ Browns 14

Panthers 21 @ Vikings 20

Rams 17 @ Texans 24

Raiders 13 @ Chiefs 31

Steelers 23 @ Jets 20

Eagles 29 @ Bucs 20

*Jaguars 13 @ Broncos 39*  GuruDAMNtee

Titans 16 @ Seahawks 23

*Saints 30 @ Patriots 32* UPSET SPECIAL

Cardinals 14 @ 49ers 24

Redskins 21 @ Cowboys 35

Colts 27 @ Chargers 24


I’m going with Brady at home this week against the undefeated Saints for my Upset Special. Seems risky but it sounds like Gronk will be back and if he is, that will help out the Patriots passing game immensely. The Saints are only 2.5 point favorites and even though the Patriots haven’t been playing like the Patriots, obviously Vegas respects them.


My GuruDAMNtee has an interesting point spread as well. Can the Broncos really cover 26.5 points? Yes, they have it in them to do so but man, if Jacksonville has any pride about themselves they would try not to lose by damn near 30 from the jump. The Jags should pull out all their trick plays for this one. They won’t win, but maybe it will be semi respectable. Interesting bet to say the least.


I’ll take the Steelers to get their first win against the (3-2) Jets on the road. Mike Tomlin had two weeks to prepare, and New York is coming off a highly emotional win against Atlanta. Ladies and Gentlemen we call this, a TRAP GAME.


Texans will bounce back this week over St. Louis. Are we ready to call Sam Bradford a bust yet? Anyway, Houston isn’t a legit contender for a SuperBowl, but they won’t get out of the playoff race just yet. Schaub should get a nice applause from the home crowd as he has clearly been going threw a downspell recently.


I’ll take Carolina for the sake of taking Carolina. What is going on in Charlotte? A coaching change looks imminent. But, Minnesota has even bigger problems. When you’re bringing in QB’s midseason, yeah you have problems. Carolina should stumble away with a victory here.


I’m not on the Browns bandwagon. At some point they will come crashing down to earth. Weeden SUCKS, Hoyer SUCKS, and they don’t have enough talent throughout that team to pick up the slackage at QB. The truth is, they could win this game too, but even if they do I wont be sold on Cleveland. Give me Detroit in a close one.


Ahh yes, one of the greatest football rivalries. Cowboys vs Redskins. Or should I say Indians, because Keith Olbermann says I can’t say Redskins and it’s offensive. More on that later. Dallas needs this win really to prove to a lot of people that the NFC East isn’t completely dead. I trust Romo as long as this game doesn’t come down to the wire.


My final thought weighs in on this Redskins name issue. To me this is another ploy by the liberal media telling us yet again who should be offended and by what. This is the media deciding for us what issues we should champion and get behind. While I understand that some Native Americans might be offended by the term “Redskin”, there is an equal group of Native Americans who aren’t. In fact I saw a pole that stated 89% of Native Americans weren’t bothered by the term at all. Just because a few people are offended by something, everybody should be forced to suffer? It’s like the kid talking in class and the teacher deciding that because he talked, everybody in the room will have detention. Why is that the way it works? Why is the liberal media championing this issue so hard? Why are they so passionate about the team name “Redskin”? If you’re going to call the Redskins “That team from Washington”, Mr. Olbermann, then why aren’t the Braves “That team from Atlanta”? Why aren’t the Indians “That team from Cleveland”? Can anybody tell me the last time you heard someone refer to a Native American as a “Redskin”? Not even in a derogatory way, have you at any time  heard someone use the term “Redskin” when talking about a Native American period? I know I sure haven’t. If you want offensive, then go after things that are offensive. This my friend is offensive.






The next time you ask yourself if the name “Redskin” is proper for a sporting team, ask yourself first, why are the main people who have the issue with it in the mainstream liberal media? Why are they the ones shoving this down our throats? The Peter King’s and Keith Olbermann’s of the world are pushing this issue the hardest, and one thing is for sure. They aren’t Native American in the slightest, yet stand at the forefront. This type of liberalism almost breeds illiberalism. If anything, having a team named after you should be a symbol of honor, pride, and respect. Not the other way around. To Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, and all Redskins fans out there. Hail to the Redskins. And, COURAGE.


3 responses to “The Guru’s Week 6 picks and thoughts on the Redskins’ name

  1. I grew up in Washington DC and never had a problem with the name until I got older. I thoughI, how is that acceptable, not the thought of it being derogatory towards Native,Americans, but the thought in our society labeling by color. Now I get the history that Natives used it first and etc. I just feel in an America that we try our best to eliminate all racial bias that having team name that emphasises a racial term is not good or useful. I do agree that the Indians mascot and logo are offensive, as well as the redskins Native American logo, because they make a cartoon out of a Race. That is no different than the old Looney Toon cartoon with the African with a Black face and big red lips, its a cartoonish stereotype. Those are my issues with it and to prove it my daughter asked me what exactly is a Redskin. I had to tell her the truth of it being a forgot term used to catorgorize a race. She responded is it like calling ourselves the Black skins? I said yes and no, but you see the stupidity of the name? If a child can start to wrap her head around it being racially charged why not change it? For the record my daughter is mixed so the fact that the term redskin made her identify only with the visual part of her race is the point I was making. Always I love the articles and just wanted to add my half of cent even if its not worth nothing. -Big J

  2. Wow, what a commentary. I appreciate this guys zeal and compassion for the sport. I follow him weekly and depend on him to give me my picks for the week. What an amazing writer! Loving this kid, Trey Crosby!!

  3. I appreciate the response. I understand where you are coming from completely. My problem lies in the fact that there are a lot of Native Americans that don’t have a problem with the name. I don’t understand why they do not have a say in the matter. In the end, I believe the name will be changed, whether that’s in 5,10,20 years, who knows, but eventually the change will happen. That’s just how society is now days. I wish EVERYTHING didn’t have to be politically correct all the time. For 81 years, fans of the Skins have enjoyed the tradition and culture of bearing the Redskins nickname with honor, pride, and most of all without an intent to cause pain to Native Americans. Those lifelong fans will be hurt, but they will get over it, whenever the change occurs. Thanks again for your comment Big J.

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