#GuruSays breaks down Week 7 QBs and gives his Week 8 picks

By Trey Crosby III

I’m finally hitting my marks with some sort of regularity. After a (13-2) Week 6, I put out a solid record of (10-5) last week. Here’s a little recap for those of you that missed the important parts of Week 7.
Did I tell you guys I liked Thad Lewis? Or did I tell you guys I LIKE THAD LEWIS? Didn’t think he would get the win, but he pulled it off. Great effort from him and you have to be happy for Thad. He took the moment and seized it, I think he can be a decent NFL QB.
The Panthers and Rams got into a WILD one Sunday. A few brawls throughout the game and both teams showed us the meaning of extra-curricular activity after a play. After the game, Panthers WR Steve Smith had this to say about St. Louis CB Janoris Jenkins “When you try to take it personal like that, I don’t have any great humbling things to say. So he can take his (butt) back to St. Louis and watch the (expletive) film because I don’t play them games. And if I see him in the streets I’m going to punch him in his (expletive) mouth.” Smitty is the WRONG guy to mess with, he will fight you.
Between the lines, Carolina dominated St. Louis. To add injury to insult, St. Louis QB Sam Bradford tore his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the year. We ready to call Bradford a bust yet?
The Skins and Bears had a shootout in DC, with RGIII and company finishing on top, however, this Redskins team still has A LOT of problems. Anytime you can’t put away a team easily with Jake McCown behind center, you have problems.
Mike Vick showed everybody that HE is the starter in Philly. Nick Foles ran the Eagles “innovative” (I’m laughing AT you Chip Kelly..Not WITH you) offense right into a the side of the road Sunday, and Matt Barkley took it into the ditch as the Cowboys disposed of the BirdGang in a rather low scoring affair.
Tom Brady and the Patriots got screwed over by an unfortunate call in Overtime of their loss to the New York Jets. I’m not saying the (pushing on a kick or whatever it was) rule wasn’t enforced properly, I’m just saying, I’ve never heard of that rule before. Moreover, I don’t understand why New England WAS ONLY called for it in Overtime. Sounds fishy to me.
The Colts spoiled Peyton Manning’s homecoming in Indy. I still don’t like Andrew Luck. I think he’s a good player and everything. But there’s something about him, that I just don’t like. He’s definitely turtely enough for the turtle club. Don’t ask me what I meant by that, just know that if there was a turtle club, he would be voted President.

Week 7 wouldn’t have been Week 7 if we hadn’t ended it with that God AWFUL Monday Night Football game. Josh Freeman was terrible, everybody was terrible. It’s a shame somebody had to win that game. Seriously.
I looked down, I look back up, and we’re in WEEK 8. WOW. For your viewing pleasure,



2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (3-3)

GuruDAMNtee (4-3)

Last Week (10-5)

Overall (62-45)
Panthers 31 @ Bucs 13
*Bills 19 @ Saints 27* GuruDAMNtee
Browns 9 @ Chiefs 14
Cowboys 20 @ Lions 24
49ers 34 @ Jaguars 14
Dolphins 20 @ Patriots 23
Giants 14 @ Eagles 19
Jets 17 @ Bengals 21
Steelers 24 @ Raiders 13
Redskins 24 @ Broncos 41
*Falcons 23 @ Cardinals 17* UPSET SPECIAL
Packers 30 @ Vikings 7
Seahawks 28 @ Rams 10
GIve me Drew Brees in the dome against Thad Lewis for my “GuruDAMNtee” this week. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. But, add to the fact that the Saints are coming off a bye week, this should be a CakeWalk.
Arizona host “Cold” Lanta out in the desert and are 2 point favorites to win. I trust Matty “Lukewarm” to get the job done, even though he is shorthanded. Hello, Harry Douglass.
MORE CAM PLEASE!!! Week 8 kicks off Thursday night with the Panthers on the road against the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. It’s a division game and it’s on primetime. I think Cam keeps it going, this week. He’s streaking, Carolina is streaking. Watch out.
I want the Lions at home this week. Dallas really didn’t look all that put together last week. The Eagles looked horrible and Dallas played down to their level. MEGATRON vs Dez Bryant is the story here. Both guys should put up big numbers.
I think RG Knee has been a bit more explosive the last two games, but the Nations Capitol still doesn’t have a defense. Winning a shootout against Jake McCown is “meh” Let’s see him match Peyton tick for tack.
Poor Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Discount DAAAAAABLLEEE Check is losing targets to throw to right and left. But, that won’t be a problem against the lowly Vikings. That Viking ship has sunk this season.
Finally, I think the Steelers pull off another win this week. Which will get them to (3-4) and back into contention. Now, they aren’t serious contenders this year, but it’s nice to know they haven’t completely given up on the year.
Comments, questions or concerns are greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think. Do you have what it takes to beat the GURU?? To all the readers this week…COURAGE


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