#GURUsays picks week 9 and mid-season NFL awards

By Trey Crosby III

10-3 this week folks. Not half bad. I told you guys I was in a groove. We’re going to do things a little bit different this week. Scrap the recap of WEEK 8. Instead, I’m going to give you guys a treat. It’s time for a MID SEASON REVIEW. That’s right, I will be handing out Mid Season awards. Enjoy

Most Improved Player of the Year: Philip Rivers

Coach of the Year: Andy Reid

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Giovani Bernard

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Kiko Alonso

Offensive Player of the Year: Peyton Manning

Defensive Player of the Year: Robert Mathis

Most Valuable Player: Peyton Manning
Straight into it this week guys. No small talk. Week 9 picks are on the way.
2013-2014 Season picks record

Upset Special (3-4)

GuruDAMNtee (5-3)

Last Week (10-3)

Overall (72-48)
Bengals 27 @ Dolphins 26
*Chiefs 14 @ Bills 19* Upset Special
Falcons 12 @ Panthers 27
Vikings 16 @ Cowboys 21
*Saints 34 @ Jets 21* GuruDAMNtee
Chargers 39 @ Redskins 30
Titans 21 @ Rams 20
Eagles 23 @ Raiders 20
Bucs 6 @ Seahawks 34
Ravens 23 @ Browns 18
Steelers 20 @ Patriots 23
Colts 17 @ Texans 14
Bears 27 @ Packers 31

Thats right, you heard it here first. The Chiefs will take their first loss this week on the road in Buffalo. I like everything going on in Kansas City but, they have been cutting it close lately and I feel like Buffalo has just enough wild card factor to beat them.

I also think the Chiefs are pretenders in the postseason unless they get a real QB and get rid of “Captain Checkdown” but that’s another discussion entirely.

I’ll take the Saints for my “GuruDAMNtee game on the road in New York. I love Geno Smith, but he’s a rookie and his play is far too inconsistent to keep up with the likes of Drew Brees.
Give me Carolina at home against at shorthanded Atlanta.

What did I tell you guys? The Cats are sneaky good and Cam is streaking. This is a darkhorse squad. We will see what they made of as they start the hard test of their schedule in the coming weeks.

Cowboys will be too much for the Vikings. I want to see another Dez Bryant tirade. Hey, Mike Greenberg over at ESPN. Will you shutup please? His criticism of Dez was so over the top and out of bounds it wasn’t funny.

Then the audio comes out and shows that Dez was being a team player the entire time. I love Dez Bryant, keep doing what you’re doing.

RG KNEE has the Skins with 2 wins so far, and sadly, they still can win the NFC East playing this poorly. Anyway, give me Philip Rivers in a DC shootout.

Give me the Ravens over the Browns in a close one. Baltimore is one of the few NFL teams that I haven’t had the pleasure of getting an extensive look at this season.

Finally, I will take the Packers in a close division rivalry game in Green Bay. Look at all the injuries out in Packers land and Aaron Rodgers still has those guys playing good football. Shows you how good of a player he is in this league.

Packers also have a legitimate running game this year as well.

For all of you who don’t really start to watch the NBA until the NFL season is completely over…COURAGE


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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