Guru calls for Panthers over Patriots in Week 11

By Trey Crosby III

Boy oh boy what a rough Week 10 I had. (5-9) just won’t cut it for me this late in the season. It’s clearly time for me to regroup, and I will do just that. But first, let’s take a look at what happened during Week 10.

RG 3-6 is now Robert’s nickname as the Skins took an L to the lowly Vikings last week. Sad story in Washington. That’s a sad division actually.

The Ravens took down the Bengals in a game that went to OT when it shouldn’t have. What do you do on a Hail Mary guys? KNOCK THE BALL DOWN. AJ Green caught a miracle ball in the end zone to extend the game but, it wasn’t enough for the Bengals to come away with a victory. Side Note: Andy Dalton isn’t all that good.

Eagles fans just keep catching breaks, and they are ridiculously cocky right now. That’s right, the Eagles beat an Aaron Rodgerless GB team and are actually excited about the win. (5-5) is (5-5) I get it, but come on you people….REALLY??

Earth to Andrew Luck…Earth to Andrew Luck. All of a sudden, Luck isn’t the golden boy anymore. Could it be that Reggie Wayne was the factor that made Indy go? No way right? I’m not sure. It was all but decided that Luck was the class of the new school QB’s, but Indy was exposed last week by STL of all teams. Maybe it was just a bad week, but ehh, Pagono is going to need to get that together.

The Jags got a win…

The Bucs got a win…

Biggest matchup of the week was a hard fought defensive battle out in the Bay. The Panthers proved they were serious and deserve respect. I had already given it to them if you’ve been following along, but nevermind that. Carolina has a defense that is LEGIT, and will keep them in every game. That’s code for: Carolina is the team you don’t really want to see in the playoffs if they end up as a Wild Card. If an NFL team can be called sexy though, Carolina is a sexy NFL team. Not prolific enough to blow away great teams, but just stingy enough to win against anybody matched up with them.

Time for picks




2013-2014 Season picks record


                                    Upset Special (3-6)


                                  GuruDAMNtee (5-5)


                                                   Last Week (5-9)


                                                       Overall (84-63)


Colts 19 @ Titans 17

Jets 20 @ Bills 17

Browns 16 @ Bengals 23

Ravens 24 @ Bears 19

Lions 23 @ Steelers 17

Raiders 21 @ Texans 23

Cardinals 28 @ Jaguars 21

Redskins 30 @ Eagles 36

Falcons 29 @ Bucs 17

*Chargers 37 @ Dolphins 24* Upset Special

Packers 19 @ Giants 23

Vikings 10 @ Seahawks 30

*49ers 26 @ Saints 37* GuruDAMNtee

Chiefs 19 @ Broncos 24

Patriots 14 @ Panthers 19



“GuruDAMNtee” this week goes to the Saints. I like them at home against Kaep. Anytime you’re in a duel with Drew Brees, it’s going to be a long day.

Give me San Diego in an upset over the 2 point favorite Dolphins. They have a lot going on and clearly aren’t focused after losing a trap game to “Basement Bay” on Monday night. So a short week, combined with the fact that the saga continues means I’m going with Rivers.

No Cutler for the Bears means I have them losing to Baltimore this week. Suddenly, Baltimore has found a little hope even though Ray Rice has been non existent all season. Baltimore at least wants to sniff the playoffs this year and that quest begins Sunday with a much needed win over Chicago.

Detroit has the last healthy starting QB left in the NFC North. They were also the only team with hopes of winning that division to win last week. Detroit has to have a sense of urgency and will look to pad onto their first place hold of the division while Rodgers and Cutler remain sidelined with injuries. Couple that with trade buzz of Big Ben surrounding the Steelers and I think the Steel Curtain might remain closed on the playoffs for another year.

Seahawks are at home and you know what that means. It might get ugly for Minnesota.

THE NFL GOT IT RIGHT THIS WEEK. Two marquee matchups for Sunday and Monday night.

The Broncos and Chiefs meet for the first of two meetings and the rights to the division lay on the line in Denver. I honestly think both teams will split the pair of regular season meetings. Both teams have great home fields so I will probably pick the home team in the next meeting as well. For that reason, I’m going Denver. Don’t expect Peyton to light up the board for 40+. Kansas City will make it a hard fought victory. I’m still afraid of KC in the playoffs. You need a QB and I’m telling you, this Alex Smith character is going to hurt them in the long run…TRUST ME….TRUST ME

Carolina finds themselves back in the spotlight, this time against Tom Brady and the Pats. Mr. Uggz is coming off a bye which clearly gives NE an advantage. But, this Carolina team is peaking at the right time. Normally, I would go with Terrific Tom, but I just can’t this week. His offense is not going to be able to withstand the pressure of Carolina’s front seven. New England has been gutting out wins on the back of Tom giving them a chance. Not sure that will happen this week. Carolina took out Vernon Davis early with physical play last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pats star pass catchers Amendola and Gronk who are OBVIOUSLY BUILT WITH TOILET PAPER are torn apart by the Panthers D and forced out early with injury.

Be sure to comment on anything you see here. Positive or negative. Don’t be shy, play along and see if you can defeat the GURU with your weekly picks. To Dwayne Bowe and his smoking habits…COURAGE



What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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