Guru makes Super Bowl XLVIII prediction between Seahawks and Broncos

By Trey Crosby III

Clap!! Clap!! Bravo. The NFL has turned in yet another great year and has proven why it deserves the title of the greatest pro sports league in the USA. The Guru went (1-1) last year and I will predict the winner of Super Bowl 48 (I’ve never liked Roman Numerals past X) for you shortly.

By now, we’ve all seen the Richard Sherman interview with Erin Andrews last week. Well I’m not going to speak on Richard Sherman, but I do want to talk about how the media overreacted to it.

Anybody, and I sincerely mean ANYBODY who called Richard Sherman a “thug” or anything remotely similar to that type of language should be ashamed of themselves. Anybody who was upset at his behavior after the game should be ashamed of themselves as well.

I think it’s hilarious. We, as fans and media alike want as much access as possible to star athletes. So much so, that we shove microphones into their faces immediately following games, win/lose or draw.

In any case, why do we do this? Is it because we want to see the reaction, how they feel about winning or losing? What they think they might have been able to do better, or just in general what’s on their mind? We do this because we want and love to see that MOMENT. What moment you ask?



This is what we want to see, and then of course, we get upset that we see it. That’s the part I don’t understand. The part where the NFL hands out fines for a guy like Marshawn Lynch for refusing to speak to the media, but scowls at a guy like Richard Sherman for speaking his mind freely. “PUH – LEASEE” This is a joke. Richard Sherman gets called a thug for speaking on a field but this apparently is not “thug” activity, we call it tradition.

Anybody care to guess how much of a fine and how long of a suspension every single player who participated in a stunt anything similar to this would receive in the NBA, or NFL.

Right, lets not even go there. Finally, for you people saying “Richard Sherman is a professional, he should act like he’s been there before”. NEWSFLASH, he hasn’t been “there”, wherever “there” is before. Maybe next time.

In a recent interview, Roger Goodell announced the NFL would be looking into taking out the extra point try after touchdowns in competition. Just like everybody else who hears this idea for the first time, you kind of think “ehh what?” But, the more and more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

Since 2005, the success rate for XP attempts is at around 99.5%. This year alone, there were only 5 missed XP tries out of over 1,200 attempts.Which would make it almost a foregone conclusion that after a touchdown, the XP is pretty much automatic. And, well simply put, it is. “But what about that time Tony Romo botched the hold and lost the game”… STOP right there.

What about the 100 times before and after that where nothing remotely close to being that dramatic happened at all. My point exactly.

The best proposal I have heard so far, calls for teams to receive 7 points after a touchdown automatically and can decide to go for two, making the total score worth 9 if they make it, however if they attempt and fail, the scoring team falls back to only 6 points.

I like this idea better than forcing teams to go for two after every score, because it gives coaches the decision to take risks during games. Forcing a team to go for two takes the guess work out of it in my opinion. One thing is for certain, the extra point is more than likely on its way out of the NFL.

Oh and Roger, while you’re at it, can you please lengthen the height of the goalpost by about 10 more feet. For the absolute life of me, I still don’t understand why that simple precaution can’t be put in place to make sure we don’t see FG kicks that have gone over the goalpost but are too close to call on whether they have made it inside or not. This is a simple fix Roger. Do the right thing.


2013-2014 Season picks record
Upset Special (5-14)
GuruDAMNtee (13-7)
Last Week (1-1)
Overall (150-115-1) Winning Percentage 57%


To be completely honest, this game is a total crapshoot. Seriously, cases can easily be made for both teams to win this game. Ultimately, this contest will come down to whether or not the Broncos can go pass crazy all over the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. My guess is no, and I have Seattle taking home the Lombardi for a few reasons.

1. LOB
The “Legion of Boom” is not a joke. That is a serious secondary Pete Carroll has back there. The best corner in the league, matched with one of the top three strong safeties in the game with Chancellor, and I would also venture to say Earl Thomas is the best free safety in the NFL right now as well. Those guys are playing lights out football, I don’t think it stops on Sunday.

2. BeastMode (Marshawn Lynch)
The run games for both teams might actually be a push when it comes down to it, but if I had to put my money up on a horse, it would be on #24 for the ‘Hawks. We’ve seen…Actually just watch this interview from Media Day.

If you think that guys is playing around, you might want to think again.

3. Peyton Manning
That’s right, I said it. Peyton Manning is going to be a factor in this game right? So, if he doesn’t throw for 300+ yards and Denver loses, expect some blame to be thrown his way. (As it should) We love to give all the credit to Peyton for the wins, but then we like to blame the defense or some other factor as to why he comes up short most of the times in these ball games.

The Broncos have won 15 games so far this season, and we give the credit to Manning for the majority of the year, and he deserves it, if they come up short on Sunday, it will probably be because Peyton didn’t do enough.

Temperatures will hover at around 30 by kickoff time and will only get colder as the game wears on. Is Peyton a good enough quarterback to overcome that?

Of course he is, but I’m just saying, Peyton Manning has 11 playoff losses…soooo

I just don’t want to end up fooled again.

Russell Wilson has to be a great game manager and make 2-3 big plays outside of the pocket and let his defense go out and win the game for him.

If he can manage to leave the game without making careless turnovers, Seattle should have an inside track at winning while the WORLD is watching.

To anyone who uttered a negative word last week about Richard Sherman…COURAGE


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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