Breaking down the hottest Super Bowl XLVIII topics

By James H. Williams

The Super Bowl is only a day or two away and there are a few hot topics being discussed leading up to the game over the past week between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

•The Weather

Well it’s unlikely we will see weather during the Super Bowl in New York / New Jersey that will match anything like the snow in Atlanta.

Since the day it was announced that the Super Bowl XLVIII  was going to take place in MetLife Stadium, the weather was the hottest topic.

It would be something different compared to the other big games in Super Bowl history to see snow.

It would be a shame if the final score that determined the winner of the game came down to a player slipping preventing them from catching a touchdown or a defender slipping leaving a player wide open.

What a shame that would be compared to Richard Sherman having to shut down a target of Peyton Manning with two seconds left in the fourth quarter.

•Marshawn Lynch

So Marshawn “Beast mode” Lynch did not want to talk to the media. Why does that surprise anyone. Lynch was fined during the regular season for not talking to the media.

My only question is that…has he always avoided talking to the media as far back as during his tenure with the Buffalo Bills?

I also heard on the second day in which the media had access to the Super Bowl teams, the Professional Football Writers Association (PFWA) made some sort of deal with Lynch so that he would talk to them.

What did the offer? Skittles?

Speaking of Skittles, I also heard he signed some sort of endorsement deal with Skittles.

Sounds like there has been a lot of deal making for Lynch recently… I have another question… Is he prepared or focused for the Super Bowl.

Now I am not knocking Lynch because I am pretty sure the whole reason Lynch has avoided the media so that he can focus and do what Lynch does to prepare for a Seahawks game.

•Peyton Manning’s Legacy

Peyton Manning legacy has been a hot topic… Of course.

Manning is in his third Super Bowl and has a 1-1 record.

This is suppose to be the Super Bowl win he will need to be declared the best overall quarterback to ever play the game in the eyes of many.

I have a podcast posted on Sports Minded stating how this could be his final season despite it being one of his best seasons.

Broncos’ very own John Elway doesn’t think Manning will retire and come back next season but take a look at the article and read why it doesn’t matter what Manning and Elway think.

Manning’s retirement isn’t even his decision to make.

•Richard Sherman

Well I mentioned Sherman briefly before but did you not think he would be a topic of discussion.

Interesting fact…Sherman is one of a few players in this Super Bowl that I may have seen play in person during their time in high school.

My high school, Downey High, are in the same league as Sherman’s high school, Dominguez High, in Compton, California.

We weren’t in the same high school graduating class but we were within four year of each other.

Anyways, I can’t help but root for the guy because people continue to knock Sherman when he has done nothing but been productive in just about anything he has applied himself too.

He had the second highest GPA in his graduating class at Dominguez High and graduated with at least a 3.5 at Stanford University.

If he wants to call out another competitor and declare himself better than anyone else in the NFL, which a lot of players do anyways, let him do it and be passionate about it.

The only thing with that is that he has to go out prove it.

Now with the timing in which he said it, the NFC Championship game, he has set himself up to have to prove himself at the Super Bowl.

Let the chips fall where they may but it’s all or nothing time for Sherman to back up his statement.


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