Q&A with former Tiger and NFL hopeful Will Smith

James H. Williams’ interview with NFL Draft prospect Will Smith.

Viewpoints Online

Q: How did your time at Riverside City College prepare you for your time at Texas Tech as a player?

A: My time at RCC prepared for Texas Tech because it taught me how important practice was as well as taking constructive criticism into perspective to make myself better. It also showed to me how important team chemistry was all those guys from that team are like brothers to me it was a special bond with each guy on that roster.

Q: What made you choose RCC to continue playing football?

A: Eddie Lackey and I left to Northwood University a Division-II school, the only two freshmen to play, (we) didn’t really like our current situation. Heard about the success from all the way out there, Eddie talked to Ryan Hofmeister, I talked to Sadale Foster then we had one phone call with coach Darrin Chiaverini and our minds were…

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