COLUMN: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant could be traded to the New York Knicks

By James H. Williams

When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers there is usually one person who has come to mind as far as active players in the last 19 years. That player is Kobe Bryant, who is currently 35 years old.

While the Lakers fans, who refer to themselves as a whole as Lakers Nation, may already find it hard to believe what a Lakers’ lineup will look like in the next few years without Bryant once he retires but it may be closer than we all think.

Following what has been a very unattractive off-season for the Lakers this summer, the franchise would be happy just to find themselves in the mix for a playoff spot, but what happens if the upcoming season begins to look like a repeat of last season.

If the upcoming season looks anything like the previous season, Kobe could be traded. Yes, he does have a no-trade clause in his new 2-year deal that is worth $48.5 million. So the first question would have to be how would he be traded, right?

If he is traded, it would be because Bryant waived his no-trade clause and asked to be traded to the New York Knicks.

This is an interesting thought brought up by Max Kellerman during the July 14 episode of the Max and Marcellus show on ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles.

While it may sound crazy because the Knicks cap situation and the room they would have in the summer of 2015, it is still a possibility.

If this were to happen the Lakers would have to talk with the Knicks on a trade that would involve both Bryant and Amar’e Stoudemire.

Stoudemire has one year left on his contract and is expected to make $23.4 million, while Bryant is expected to make $23.5 million this season.

The Knicks are ready to move on from Stoudemire and if the Lakers want a jump start at looking forward to the post-Kobe era, this may be the chance they are looking for.

We also cannot rule out the relationships that Bryant has in New York that could actually make this slightly possible.

The most influential relationship would be the one between Bryant and his former head coach Phil Jackson, who is currently the Knicks’ president.

When the two were working together they collected a total of five NBA championships.

Another familiar face that Kobe knows within the Knicks’ organization is head coach Derek Fisher.

Fisher was a teammate of Kobe during all five seasons in which the Lakers won NBA titles with Jackson.

The respect and admiration that Bryant and Fisher have for one another cannot be questioned.

Another relationship that many people, especially in Los Angeles, are quite familiar with is the one Bryant has with Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony, who recently decided to re-sign with the Knicks, reportedly had multiple meetings with Bryant this month.

Bryant even went as far as to cut a vacation in Eupore short in order to fly back and be a part of the Lakers pitch for Anthony during his free agent meeting July 3rd.

While this situation seems unlikely and Lakers Nation is under the impression that Kobe will be a Laker for life, this is a scenario that could possibly happen if the cards fall into place.

For Knicks fans, sure he is not the same player that scored 61 points at Madison Square Garden in 2009 but he still could bring a veteran presence and a winning mentality to New York.


Do you think Kobe Bryant would want to be traded if things get rough for the Lakers during the upcoming season? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.


2 responses to “COLUMN: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant could be traded to the New York Knicks

  1. That would be awesome if kobe join Melo and the Knicks, but that’s just another dream and would never happen..

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