The Guru looks ahead at Week 5 in the NFL, JJ Watt for MVP?

By Trey Crosby III

Look alive, Look alive and be glad it’s Week 5. That’s right folks, Week 5 is upon us and I have not lived up to my end of the bargain. I picked a pathetic 5 out of 13 games correctly last week and things are not looking up for me so far this season. But, I live to play another week and get back on the winning track.

Kirk Cousins is NOT who we thought he was. Everybody is so up and down right now in the NFL. Not knowing what you’re going to get from players and teams from week to week is becoming a trend and I don’t like it one bit.

JJ Watt is making his case for NFL MVP. Texans are (3-1) and if they can stay on an upward trend it will certainly give JJ Watt a lot of leverage in MVP voting. Ryan Fitzpatrick is out there leading the Texans to wins, yeah Watt’s gonna get ALL of the credit if they have a good season.

Blood and guts were everywhere in Baltimore last Sunday. Steve Smith put on a show against the Panthers, you would have thought they shipped him out of town for no reason or something the way he came at them…….oh

The Steelers blowout Carolina and then drop one AT HOME to Tampa Bay. Refer to my you don’t know what you’re getting week to week from teams comment please.

YESSSSSS!!!! Hands up if you’ve been waiting for the Eagles to finally lose. Look, I don’t normally root against teams because personally I just don’t care that much about what teams win or lose. So understand that I don’t have much of a bias against anybody. But there’s something about Chip Kelly I can’t stand right now. Until I develop a more favorable opinion of him, “Which I doubt I ever will” how about a big Geno Smith to Chip and the Eagles.

Can we stop overreacting to games now? Trent Dilfer nearly blew a gasket talking about the New England Patriots on Monday night. Yeah, those Patriots, the ones who are still TIED FOR THE LEAD in the division. Yes, they got blown out last week. It was ONE game. Like Aaron said “R-E-L-A-X”.




Overall Record (28-33)
Last Week (5-8)
Upset Special (0-4)
GuruDAMNtee (4-0)

Minnesota 20 @ Green Bay 28

Buffalo 17 @ Detroit 21

Baltimore 26 @ Indianapolis 34

Cleveland 23 @ Tennessee 20

Chicago 28 @ Carolina 19

Houston 24 @ Dallas 28

Pittsburgh 31 @ Jacksonville 13

Tampa Bay 27 @ New Orleans 31

Atlanta 30 @ New York Giants 24

St. Louis 16 @ Philadelphia 27

Arizona 30 @ Denver 21 *Upset Special*

Kansas City 21 @ San Francisco 26

New York Jets 14 @ San Diego 27 *GuruDAMNtee*

Cincinnati 24 @ New England 26

Seattle 34 @ Washington 28

That’s right. I’m going for the jugular. Give me Drew Stanton and Zona for the upset ON THE ROAD at Denver.

Geno Smith is cursing at fans. Jets fans want Mike Vick. It’s all bad in the Big Apple. Chalk up another loss for “Sexy Rexy”.

Teddy is questionable as of now going up against Green Bay. Now is not the time to be messing around the Aaron Rodgers and those Packers. They know it’s go time and they’re ready to go.

Carolina has issues. Some are correctable and some are not. Unless Ron Rivera really decides to “unleash” Cam and have him play on the defensive side of the ball as well, I don’t see how they get this done. I still think Carolina can do some damage if they ever get the ball rolling. But as of right now, I’ll take Cutler and his crew to light up the board on Sunday.

The Cowboys are running the ball. I’m not sure how long they can keep up the pace but pounding the ball into Demarco Murray is working. They should keep it up this week and send a statement to the league with a win over the Texans.

I’m taking the Patriots to knock off the Bengals this week. Undefeated no more I say. This one is for the naysayers. Tom Brady, I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU. Go out there and stick it to the people.

And for your listening pleasure.


One response to “The Guru looks ahead at Week 5 in the NFL, JJ Watt for MVP?

  1. Interesting picks, Monday night’s game was hilarious. Week 6, the Pats will correct those glaring issues, and continue the winning ways. Won’t be long before the wheels or beard come off Fitzy in Houston lol. He’s managing a game a week, and it won’t work against teams that mean business.

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