Guru calls for Panthers over Packers in Week 7

By Trey Crosby III

Last week I went 11-3-1 and it’s safe to say that the Guru is on fire now. Just like Demarco Murray ran over Seattle last week, I’m prepared to keep toting the rock for as long as necessary. I want to keep up with my rhyming luck but I don’t want to rhyme Week Seven with Heaven. That’s too easy. Oh well, I just did it so let’s move on. That was awkward…

Why did I not pick Dallas last week. I was so close to doing so too. The ‘Boys are now 5-1 and everybody is feeling good around that place. Jerry Jones is a sight to see. Don’t you just love the in-game cutaways to him high-fiving people in his booth?

I was on record ALL SUMMER LONG telling you that Seattle could finish as worst as 3rd in the NFC West. Call me crazy. Or just look at the current NFC West standings. Seattle is still a sound football team, but that Super Bowl hangover stuff is real. They need to pick it up fast or they’ll find themselves on the outside looking in.

Brian Hoyer isn’t exactly tearing up the league. But, he’s doing his part and getting the job done for Cleveland. The Browns run the football more than any team in the league and it’s effective. I’m not a Browns believer in any shape, form or fashion, but they are showing that they can get the job done so far this season.

Carolina and Cincy was one of the best games of the week Sunday in my opinion. My only complaint is that the game had too much good offense (bad defense) to be decided by the freaking kickers. Graham Gano from Carolina missed one in the second half that probably should have been made and could have ended up being the difference in the ball game. And everybody saw Mike Nugent go on full choke mode to miss a chip-shot field goal to win in overtime. Both Andy Dalton and Cam Newton ripped apart each others defences all game long. Kickers made sure nobody went home a clear cut winner.

Vontaze Burfict was fined $25,000 for twisting ankles in the game Sunday. I guess I can live with that, but he should be on alert. The very next time he does anything dirty on the field like that, I think the commissioner has to sit him down for a week. That’s unacceptable and Bush League. STOP IT.

How about Aaron Rodgers. He’s a MONSTER. Yeah, when he says relax. Just do it.

I absolutely love Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football. He breaks down the game so well and continues to be one of my favorite analyst on television. Throw a couple of corny jokes in throughout the broadcast and it’s golden. If only we could get Gus Johnson on the play-by-play. No disrespect to Mr. Mike Tirico.




Overall Record (50-40-1)

Last Week (11-3-1)

Upset Special (0-6)

GuruDAMNtee (6-0)

New York Jets 17 @ New England 34 *GuruDAMNtee*

Minnesota 20 @ Buffalo 28

Atlanta 23 @ Baltimore 27

Cleveland 23 @ Jacksonville 24

Carolina 35 @ Green Bay 27 *Upset Special*

Miami 24 @ Chicago 31

Cincinnati 26 @ Indianapolis 33

New Orleans 30 @ Detroit 28

Seattle 47 @ St. Louis 13

Tennessee 17 @ Washington 24

Kansas City 20 @ San Diego 26

New York Giants 17 @ Dallas 28

Arizona 34 @ Oakland 20

San Francisco 28 @ Denver 31

Houston 23 @ Pittsburgh 20

Give me New England as my GuruDAMNtee for this week. They’ll take care of business with ease at home against the struggling Jets.

My upset special was easy this week. Vegas has the Packers winning by a touchdown over Carolina Sunday. I see it going the exact opposite. Cam Newton has looked amazing this year and he’s going to torch Green Bay by air and on the ground. Rodgers will do his part as well against a horrid Panthers secondary. People are severely underestimating Carolina and I have no clue as to why.

New Orleans knows they have to get it together very soon. No better way to do that than to go out on the road without your star “Pass-catcher” and get what really looking like an early season must-win in Detroit. (2-4) is unacceptable for the elite quarterbacks in this league and I still see Drew Brees in that elite category. He goes out and makes sure New Orleans remains on the radar.

Finally, San Francisco is going to give the Broncos all they can handle Sunday night, but for some reason I just have a real problem trusting Colin Kaepernick. He’s played great this season, but he gets away with doing a lot of really unorthodox things with the football. I think he learns this week to calm some of that stuff down the hard way, as an ill-advised throw somewhere in this game comes back to haunt the Niners.



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