The Guru recaps Week 9 and talks about the quarterback changes going into Week 10

By Trey Crosby III

The Guru went to work last week and finished 9-4. I think this week will be even better but first, lets recap some of what went on in the football world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

 Tampa Bay lost to Cleveland last week, but aside from that Mike Glennon went on his weekly radio show to announce that he lost his starting quarterback job to Josh McCown. On the surface that may not seem like much but the more you think about it, the question has to be raised. Who’s bright idea  was it to give Mike Glennon a weekly radio segment? I get that he’s the starting QB, but it’s Mike Glennon, he’s not Aaron Rodgers. Anyway, now Mike is a backup so there’s no way he gets to keep that segment right? The ONLY backup in the NFL I would remotely want to hear from on a weekly basis is Johnny Manziel. We won’t be saying Mike Football anytime soon, so that’s dead.

The Cardinals beat a Brandon Weeden led Cowboys last week, a game in which DeMarco Murray only carried the ball 19 times. First let’s give some credit to Arizona for being the best team in the NFC right now. But, I have a new job for Jerry Jones. \

Instead of coming down to the sidelines and telling his head coach whether or not Romo is healthy enough to return to a football game, Jason Garrett needs to give Jones a counter while he’s on the sidelines this Sunday. Yes, a hand held counter. Jones should click that counter every time Murray touches the football and alert Garrett of exactly how many touches Murray gets. 30 touches should be the minimum. I don’t care who starts the game, Romo or Weeden, it really doesn’t matter. RUN DeMarco Murray. PERIOD.


What happened to San Diego last week. I’m going to give them a pass and say that they forgot to set their alarm clocks and we’ll chalk this one up to a West Coast team traveling to the East Coast and being on a different time zone. That was odd.

I knew RGIII coming back against the Vikings spelled trouble for the Redskins. No, Griffin wasn’t awful and all things considered, he did leave the game in one piece. So thats a positive for Washington right??

Tom Brady beat Peyton Manning once again. I’ll just leave that there for you guys.

Big Ben is on a tear right now and is ripping defenses to shreds. Kudos to him for that. 12 touchdowns in two weeks is no small feat.








                                                Overall Record (76-57)


                                                GuruDAMNtee (8-1)


                                                Upset Special (1-8)



Cleveland 23 @ Cincinnati 31


Kansas City 28 @ Buffalo 17


Tennessee 16 @ Baltimore 27


Dallas 31 @ Jacksonville 14


Miami 20 @ Detroit 24


San Francisco 28 @ New Orleans 26


Pittsburgh 35 @ New York Jets 16


Atlanta 33 @ Tampa Bay 23


Denver 49 @ Oakland 27 *GuruDAMNtee


New York Giants 19 @ Seattle 23


St. Louis 17 @ Arizona 28


Chicago 20 @ Green Bay 35


Carolina 27 @ Philadelphia 24 *Upset Special*


I’ll take Denver as my GuruDAMNtee for obvious reasons. Oakland will win a game at some point this season, just not this week. Sorry, Blackhole.

Before you label me a “homer”, this week I have a good reason to pick Carolina over Philadelphia as my upset special. Carolina beat Philly in their 2012 showdown and also the Eagles will be without quarterback Nick Foles and linebacker Demeco Ryans. Thirdly, after this week, Carolina statistically will have the easiest schedule in the NFL. The NFC South is still up for grabs and a win over the Eagles could put them right where the need to be.

I DON’T TRUST BRIAN HOYER. Never have and I never will. Give me the Bengals on Sunday by about a touchdown at home.

Dallas has got to run the ball. I don’t care that they are playing Jacksonville this week and it should be an easy week. Get back to the basics and run the football. Beat up on a Jaguars team and show everybody you haven’t stopped to smell the roses.

After Kaepernick fumbled away a win last week, I’ll take him on the road and in the Super Dome to redeem himself against the Saints. This is a battle of two very mediocre teams.

The Seahawks have struggled and don’t look anything like a SuperBowl team. Russell Wilson has looked off the past couple of weeks as well. But they should be alright and able to take care of a Giants team that was just shellacked by Andrew Luck and the Colts last week.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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