The Guru addresses NFL playoff tournament format, predicts Week 11 games

By Trey Crosby III

The Guru is cooking with gas baby. I went 10-3 this week and I’m still feeling the energy. Week 11 brings a host of insanely difficult games to choose from and my suggestion to you would be not to pick them. Don’t even break a sweat; just let me do it for you. Let’s go change the world.

First things first, let’s address this whole concept that the NFL needs to switch to a seeded playoff tournament format because we have yet again another bad conference that might have a team get into the playoffs with a losing record.

As things stand currently, New Orleans at 4-5 and leading the terrible NFC South would host a post-season game and winning teams like San Francisco, Green Bay and San Diego would miss out. SO WHATTT?? Win your division. That’s my answer for you. I can’t help that the NFC South is bad this season and the AFC North is loaded. That’s the luck of the draw. I do however, have a problem with making winning your division less important than it really should be and lessening the importance of division rivalries. This thing goes in cycles, one year the NFC South is bad, the next season it’s the AFC West or whatever the case happens to be. Do me a favor and leave the playoff races alone. If your team gets left out of the playoffs because some team with a mediocre record in a bad division won theirsThose are the breaks folks.


Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers won’t be charged with any crime related to his domestic violence incident earlier this year. You have to give the Niners some credit here for not removing him from the field. There was pressure from fans and media alike and even criticism after the 49ers made the decision to continue letting him play. In the end it looks like they got this call right and everybody else got it wrong.

Justin Bieber hung out with the Pittsburgh Steelers for their Bible study before they played the New York Jets. God doesn’t like the “Biebs” so he made sure they paid for that mistake dearly with a loss out in New Jersey. I knew that was a fishy line when it came out from Vegas. Big Ben throws six touchdowns two weeks in a row but the Steelers only end up as 3 point favorites against the 1 win New York JetsEhhhh.

Saints fans have got to quit whining about the play they thought was a game winner at the end of regulation in the SuperDome. You’re only kidding yourselves. Jimmy Graham extended both of his arms out to push Perrish Cox and he was rightfully called for offensive pass interference. If you want to say that Cox was acting then fine, as long as you admit that Graham was holding the camera.

Um. The Bears suck. Just thought I’d put that out there.

I’ve told you guys since the beginning of the season not to trust in Andy Dalton and the Bengals. He looked atrocious on Thursday Night. Jay Cutler couldn’t get the Bears going and Cam Newton had issues on Monday night with Philadelphia. Why am I not inclined to bash on Cam as much as I do on Dalton and Cutler? It’s simple. Dalton plays with a monster in AJ Green and even Sanu has stepped up and looked like a really good wide receiver throughout the season. Cutler plays with the best duo of receivers in the league in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Let’s be clear, Cam has to take some of the blame for the Panthers sitting at 3-6-1 right now, but he doesn’t have anywhere near the talent surrounding him as those other two guys have.










                                                            Overall Record (86-60)


                                                            Last Week (10-3)


                                                            GuruDAMNtee (9-1)


                                                            Upset Special (1-9)



Buffalo 28 @ Miami 24


Houston 20 @ Cleveland 23


Atlanta 30 @ Carolina 28


Minnesota 27 @ Chicago 31


Cincinnati 26 @ New Orleans 35


Denver 36 @ St. Louis 17


Seattle 21 @ Kansas City 24


San Francisco 30 @ New York Giants 24


Tampa Bay 20 @ Washington 23


Oakland 21 @ San Diego 31


Detroit 30 @ Arizona 24 *Upset Special*


Philadelphia 31 @ Green Bay 35 *GuruDAMNtee*


New England 34 @ Indianapolis 42


Pittsburgh 28 @ Tennessee 23


I’ll take Detroit over Zona as my upset special this week. The Lions are 3 point dawgs out in the dessert but I think they have enough to take over Drew Stanton and the Cards. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means giving up on Arizona and Drew Stanton has played well in replacement of Palmer when he’s been in games so far, but Arizona will fall in this one.

Yeah, I’m bold. Green Bay will beat Philly and I GuruDAMNtee it. I feel slightly better about the Eagles now that Sanchez is at the helm, but Philly still shows up small when they play the NFL’s elite teams. Philly, meet Aaron Rodgers, he’s elite. Have fun.

Atlanta at Carolina is a coin toss. If a good Panthers team shows up, they could beat the doors off the Falcons, if not; it could go the opposite direction. Who knows? I took Atlanta becauseumm… Heads.

Give me New Orleans at home over the Bengals. Cincy is headed nowhere fast and New Orleans really should have found a way to beat Santa Clara at home last Sunday. They’ll get the job done and as long as they can continue to take care of business in the dome, they’ll lock up the NFC South.

I like the Bears over the Vikings this week. They are struggling and this season is pretty much a wash, but Cutler and those guys still have a talented offense no matter how much they refuse to show up from week to week. Lots of criticism around Chicago. The Bears have talent but their leader refuses to show up. The Bulls have talent and their leader refuses to show upLiterally.

Finally, I’ll take the Colts in a huge conference affair that will take place in Indy on Sunday. I usually don’t go against Brady, but he can’t win them all. It’s the regular season, I think this will be a high scoring game and I like Luck to outduel Brady in this matchup.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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