The Guru makes his Week 15 picks and talks about quarterback dilemmas

By Trey Crosby III

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GuruMANIA is alive and well after a 14-2. It’s December, and once again that means it’s time to crank up things into another gear. Let’s get the party started one more time.

The NFL got a huge scare this week as Carolina Panthers star QB Cam Newton was taken to the hospital after an automobile accident. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, but he will miss some time with two transverse fractures in his back. Really unfortunate to see that after his 4 touchdown performance last week in their huge win over the Saints. Panthers fans have been begging for backup Derek Anderson, but there is no way anybody wanted to see him get on the field in this way. Cam is the future in Carolina and DA most certainly is not. Next time Panthers fans start wishing for something, do your franchise a favor…DON’T

Big shoutout to the football god’s this week. JOHNNY MANZIEL IS STARTING. I for one have been begging for this day since the season started. Brian Hoyer is, has been, and always will be a fluke. He did a great job this season and took Cleveland as far as they could go until he landed back on planet earth and realized he was Brian Hoyer. The run is over buddy and it’s time for JOHNNY to tear up the league. Go get em kid!

How ‘bout those Eagles? Seattle served Philly up a slice of humble pie last week. It’s laughable now that Philly fans are keeping their hope alive by screaming the name Nick Foles when not that long ago after The Sanchize lit up Carolina everybody was yelling about the Chip Kelly system. Anyway, that game said a lot more about Seattle than it did about Philadelphia. I know what the Eagles are about, but it seems as if Seattle has it together finally. The hangover has worn off and the defending Super Bowl champs are poised to make a strong run.




​​​​​Overall Record (129-78)

​​​​​Last Week (14-2)

​​​​​GuruDAMNtee (13-1)

​​​​​Upset Special (3-11)

Arizona 20 @ St. Louis 17 Upset Special

Green Bay 36 @ Buffalo 21

Jacksonville 17 @ Baltimore 28 GuruDAMNtee

Cincinnati 26 @ Cleveland 27

Tampa Bay 23 @ Carolina 27

Houston 20 @ Indianapolis 30

Oakland 13 @ Kansas City 24

Miami 23 @ New England 28

Washington 14 @ New York Giants 26

Pittsburgh 34 @ Atlanta 31

Denver 26 @ San Diego 24

New York Jets 23 @ Tennessee 21

Minnesota 18 @ Detroit 24

San Francisco 16 @ Seattle 27

Dallas 28 @ Philadelphia 31

New Orleans 29 @ Chicago 28

Vegas has St. Louis as 3 to 4 point favorites over Arizona and that makes sense after the Rams have pitched two consecutive shutouts. They won’t shutout the Cards. Drew Stanton isn’t anything near an elite quarterback, but the Birds have a lot on the line and are looking ahead to the postseason. I think they get it done on the road to prove a point. UPSET.

Baltimore had a nice quality win over Miami last week. Blake Bortles is a rookie and well, he’s Blake Bortles. Give me the Ravens for the GuruDAMNtee pick.

Johnny Football will go out and defeat the Bengals. OK. I usually do not go for “heart” picks. As in I choose with my head and not my emotions. This may be an emotional pick. I like Johnny and I want him to do well. I actually think he will struggle a little against Cincy. But he does have the capability to light it up and could very well take the league by storm in his first career start. I’m gonna put my money on the money man this week. Here goes nothin.

Derek Anderson faced Tampa Bay and defeated them in week 1 of the regular season. He’ll do it again and keep Carolina’s NFC South title hopes alive for another week.

Man, it’s all falling apart in Washington. RGIII is punting balls to himself after practice. Jay Gruden might not be back to coach. Gruden doesn’t like RGIII. Colt Mccoy isn’t good. Kirk Cousins isn’t good. Sheesh. Pencil me in for a OBJ whip dance in the end zone please. The G-Men will roll.

Man, it’s all falling apart in San Francisco. Colin Kaepernick is regressing. Jim Harbaugh probably won’t be back in Santa Clara next year. Heck, he even got a headstart on his next job in Oakland by giving them a win last week. The Niners are done. Seattle will finally put them out of their misery this week.

Finally, you’d have to think that after the serious drubbing at the hands of Carolina last week that New Orleans will come out on a mission to take back control of the division. The Saints have played better on the road this year and head coach Sean Payton is sending out a stern message after benching starters and having player evaluations after the loss. They’re catching a break with Chicago on the schedule. If they lose this one, I don’t know what more can be said.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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