Thoughts on the Raw Crowd after Wrestlemania 31

By ShaiVaughn Crawley
How’s it going guys? I know I have been missing for awhile, I actually took a sabbatical in order to fully regain my passion in covering professional wrestling. Now that the break was fulfilled, I can say that I am fully rejuvenated and ready to continue posting here for each and every one of you. 
With that being said, I cannot help but discuss my thoughts on the Raw crowd last night in San Jose. Was the crowd wrong for chanting what they were chanting at the Divas last night? 
My answer is simply NO. 
The WWE Universe is very diverse and complex. The WWE Universe is known for its random and sporadic thoughts, opinions, and input. The WWE Universe has a history of chanting inappropriate, vulgar, nasty things. But NOW we care? We see things such as the 2005 Divas Search, where they are basically flaunting their cleavage and prancing around in virtually nothing (trust me, I’m not complaining). We see them on Total Divas. It’s the image that is being portrayed to the WWE Universe. 
I am in no way saying that the WWE Divas are whores or that the crowd was right in their chants. I’m simply saying that the WWE has a history of displaying these hard working women in this fashion, meanwhile getting offensive when called out on it. 
At the end of the day, they still sleep good at night, Raw crowds will CONTINUE to be Raw crowds, and there’s nothing that we can really do. 
I support and appreciate the Divas, and think that even Total Divas is ruining their image as in ring competitors slowly but surely. What are your thoughts? Do you think that the chants last night were over the top? Do you even care? 
I still think that they put on a phenomenal tag match in spite of the chants. 
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