Opening night of the NBA 2010-11 season

The basketball season has only just begun and we have already seen the new Big 3 in the NBA on the Miami Heat beat by the original Big 3 and the rest of the Boston Celtics in the NBA season opener.

Lebron had his points getting 31 in his first game as a member of the Heat. Rondo, himself didn’t have many points but contributed by getting 17 assist for his Celtics team, helping them with there season opening upset win.

Is it safe to say that the Celtics already expose the Heat and there weakness for other teams to take advantage of this season? Probably not but only time will tell!

In the second part of the season opener the Lakers took on the Rockets. Just like the season-opener last year the Los Angeles Lakers receive there NBA championship rings before coming out to play their game.

With just two games under the belt of the NBA season, we cant predict much of what will happen, come playoff time but until then lets enjoy the season and see how far down the road of success your team makes it.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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