Zenyatta loses a close one in her final race

Zenyatta! Zenyatta! Zenyatta!

A true champion, not just in horse racing but just in general as an athlete.

On Saturday, Zenyatta went to Churchill Downs to race in the biggest Breeders’ Cup race of the day, in Kentucky looking for its 20th straight win in a row.

She came out like she always did as she left the paddock to come out to the fans, show boating and dancing around as the cameras took her picture.

She came onto the track at Churchill Downs knowing that she was going for some sort of history in what is said to be her last and final race, as jockey Mike Smith rode with her and she continued to dance.

As much as she loved the attention it seemed like it might of gotten to her on this day. She was up against the toughest competition in one field that she had ever faced before.

Once Zenyatta left the gate as the race started, she came out very slow. At first it seemed as if Zenyatta was up to its old usual way of racing by coming back from last to first place as all the horses made the final turn, but its almost safe to say that this race was different and the challenges in this race weren’t like the ones in previous races.

She turned the final corner barely starting to make a move and she had to weave her way in and out of other horses to get in position to go for the win.

She ended up working her way up with just one horse to beat and was in a shoot out coming down the final stretch with the horse ‘Blame’ who was rode by jockey Garrett Gomez.

It came down to the wire with a photo finish for first but as most of the crowd who watched, all knew the result and what was about to happen as the crowd was cheering for a split moment thinking they were going to see history then switching to a state of shock knowing it didn’t happen.

I watched the race from Los Alamitos racetrack and I was in a room with my family, along with many others who watched the race.They all were excited to see Zenyatta show a great effort at the end only to come up a bit short losing by a head at the wire.

Zenyatta may not be 20-0 but 19-1 is still a great accomplishment for an amazing horse and we probably will never see a record like this again.


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