Joe Paterno gets 400th career win as football coach

Not everyone can be a leader, It isn’t easy to do.

We have seen two coaches in the last few years who have had stress related health problems that kept them away from there teams for a certain amount of time.

One coach who seems to have handled the stress well has been 83 year old Joe Paterno.

He has coached the Penn State Nittany Lions for 61 years with 45 of those years as the Penn State head coach which is the most for any head coach in all of Division 1.

Paterno has been offered many jobs in the NFL and other college schools but threw all that he has stayed a Nittany Lion.

He was inducted in 2007 to the College Football Hall of Fame and has the record for most bowl wins with 24 wins.

His latest accomplishment happened on November 6, 2010 when he got his 400th career win as a coach in a home game against Northwestern, as the team came back from a 21 point deficit to win.

After the win Paterno thanked the crowd and told them that after they were done celebrating that they would get ready for next week and beat Ohio State.

Its safe to say that “Joe Pa”, as some would call him, is hands down one of the best coaches around.


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