Impossible is Nothing especially for one athlete

After being born with just one leg, one athlete did not let it stop him as he grew older.

In his final year of eligibility, Arizona State Sun devil wrestler Anthony Robles points to the sky after defeating the defending 2010 NCAA champion at 125 pounds, Matt McDonough from the Iowa Hawkeyes, with a 7-1 victory.

Robles went undefeated this season going 36-0 and becoming a Pac-10 champion at 125 pounds for the third time in his collegiate career. He was also voted as the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler after the NCAA tournament finals.

Robles won the Pac-10 title and was named an All-American, every year he wrestled for Arizona State expect for his freshman year.

Robles had been in the NCAA tournament in his last two previous years in which he finished fourth in his second year and finishing in seventh in his junior year during the 2009-2010 season.

Robles finished his collegiate wrestling career at Arizona State with an overall record of 122-23, being named an All-American three times, and earned three Pac-10 wrestling championships. He also ranks 8th for most wins by an Arizona State wrestler.

Robles says he may be done as a competitive wrestler after winning the title but wants to become a motivational speaker for those who face similar handicaps and disabilities.


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