Undertaker gets to 19 straight wins in the biggest event of them all

Whether you believe wrestling is fake or not you have to admit that it really cant be all fake can it?

Wrestlers go out in front of thousands of people every night and put their bodies on the line to do what they love most as a profession.

One classic example of this has to be the battle that Undertaker and Triple H had at Wrestlemania 27 last night at the Georgia Dome.

After both men returned recently to the WWE again, some fans have thought Undertaker was going to lose his streak this year to the former 16 time world champion, Triple H.

After jumping over the top rope, being put through the announcer’s table, and being struck in the back multiple times with a steel chair by HHH, it looked like this year may have been the year, it would happened.

Unfortunately for HHH it still was not enough, after Taker’ kicked out of every pin attempt by HHH.

Undertaker had hardly anything left to give but was able to put away HHH using the Hell’s Gate submission hold on him after countering Triple H’s attempt to use his signature sledgehammer to finish off Undertaker.

After Triple H was force to submit to Undertaker’s submission hold, Triple H was still the one who was able to walk out of the ring after the match ended on his own two feet.

As for Undertaker, he could not get up to do his signature taunt in which he takes a knee with his hand held wide open, straight up into the air as the lights would turn off after a big victory.

Undertaker needed assistance and was rolled onto a cart to the locker room, in a way we know Undertaker did not want to leave the ring after adding another victory to his now 19-0 streak in Wrestlemania matches.

Will this be the last of the Undertaker?

Only time will tell, when we will see him next.


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