RCC offensive lineman Jacob Seydel accepts last minute scholarship to UCLA

By James Williams

After spending most offseason getting ready for his second season with the Riverside City College Tigers football team, offensive lineman Jacob Seydel decided to accept a full ride scholarship offer to join the UCLA Bruins football team on Aug. 17.

“It was really tough. I have so much love for RCC and they have done so much for me. They have a great program,” Seydel said. “I thought about it though and realized this was my dream and I had to do it.”

The process for Seydel began after speaking with UCLA’s offensive line coach Adrian Klemm on Aug. 12.

After speaking to Klemm, Seydel contacted RCC’s offensive line coach Daniel Lynds to inform him that he was considering UCLA’s offer at the time.

Still uncertain about the possibilities of playing for UCLA during the 2012 season, he attended RCC’s practice the follow day after speaking with Klemm.

“I did not find out about the possibility of going to UCLA until Monday afternoon. So I treated practice as I normally would have, by being prepared and focused on getting better and helping my team any way I can,” He explained.

Seydel will carry that same attitude as a member of the Bruins football program.

“I see myself wherever the coaches need me,” He said. “I have always moved around a lot so I will do whatever gets me on the field to help my team.”

Seydel feels that he can make a smooth transition to UCLA because of his time at RCC.

“The coaching staff at RCC really helped me be prepared for the next level. You have to be so focused with everything you do, whether it is in meetings, in the weight room, or on the field,” Seydel said.

While Seydel was still practice with the Tigers, the Bruins held their training camp practices on the campus of Cal State San Bernardino, where the Bruins had to adjust some practice times to prevent practicing in the hot weather.

There were at least four offensive linemen for the Bruins that had missed some time because of heat related issues.

Torian White and Colby Cyburt were two other offensive linemen that were injured but managed to return to practice.

With only a few practices left before the start of the season, Seydel will have to learn the team’s system and playbook in order to establish his role on the team for this season.

“I did not come here to redshirt or sit on the bench,” Seydel said. “They fully expect me to come in and get some playing time and compete for a starting spot.”

Seydel believes the UCLA coaching staff and the team’s offense will help display parts of his skill set that will work to his advantage.

“I really like the (coaching staff). They all know what they are doing and are really great coaches,” Seydel explained. “As far as their system goes, I love the no huddle offense. It helps me show off my speed and conditioning.”

Seydel managed to watch some of the Bruins’ practices and how the no huddle offense worked with new starting quarterback Brett Hundley, who Seydel will likely be protecting from defensive players throughout the season.

“I think (Hundley) is doing a great job from what I have seen so far,” Seydel said about Hundley.


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