Sports Minded’s Live Game Notes

Joe Flacco named MVP

Joe Flacco named MVP as he leads the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. (Chris Graythen / Getty Images)

  • Ravens have won the toss and have deferred for the second half.
  • 49ers will start with the ball
  • 49ers TE Vernon Davis with a big 20-yard catch but play was called back because of illegal formation.
  • Ravens WR Anquan Boldin connects with QB Joe Flacco for a touchdown! Ravens lead 49ers 7-0.
  • 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick rushes again for a gain of 7 yards. RB Frank Gore rushes for a first down of his own. Kaepernick throws a pass down field to Vernon Davis for 39 yards to get the 49ers into the redzone.
  • Paul Kruger sacks Kaepernick on 3rd down.
  • Kicker David Akers makes a field goal on 4th and goal to put points on the board for the 49ers. Ravens lead 49ers 7 -3 with 3:56  left in the 1st quarter.
  • Ravens safety Ed Reed headed back to the locker room under his own power. Seemed like a knee injury.
  • Flacco opens the 2nd series with a 9-yard catch by TE Dennis Pitta. Ray Rice rushed the following play for 1-yard to get the first down.
  • Flacco avoids the rush of the 49ers for a deep pass to Boldin for a 1st down.
  • Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith with a combined sack on Flacco to take the Ravens out of field goal range.
  • Ravens lead 49ers 7-3 at the end of the first quarter.
  • Reed returns to the game.
  • LaMichael James fumbles the football after Courtney Upshaw pokes the ball out.
  • Flacco connects with Pitta for an 8-yard play. Ravens rookie running back Bernard Pierce gets the first down after being tackled by Patrick Willis.
  • Dennis Pitta with a touchdown catch. Ravens lead 49ers 14-3. (Flacco throws his 10th postseason touchdown this season.)
  • 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick throws an interception to Ed Reed. (49ers QB Colin Kaepernick becomes the first 49ers quarterback to throw a INT.) —- (Ed Reed catches his 9th career postseason INT, tied for most in postseason history.)
  • Fight Breaks out
  • Ravens went for a fake field goal, tackled one yard short of the first down. 49ers take over the ball.
  • 2:00 min warning
  • Jacoby Jones with a deep pass, gets back up and scrambles for a touchdown against the 49ers defense. (Flacco has thrown for 11 touchdown passes in the postseason so far, tying him for the most in a single postseason.)
  • 49ers trying to put a drive together in final mintue before halftime
  • 49ers kicker David Akers makes the field goal as the teams go into the locker rooms at halftime. Ravens lead 49ers 21-6 at halftime.
  • HALFTIME (Joe Flacco threw for 192 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first half.)
  • Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones opens the second half with a 108-yards kick return for a touchdown. (Jones tying the all time record for the longest postseason kick return for a touchdown.)
  • Arthur Jones with the sack on Colin Kaepernick.
  • Stadium Lights go out following the Jones defensive sack. (POWER OUTAGE)
  • Play will resume in 15 mins as the lights come back on slowly.
  • After 34 minutes due to the power outage, the Super Bowl will now continue.
  • Flacco connects with Torrey Smith (3rd qtr 11:25 – Flacco reaches over 200 yrs passing)
  • After the timeout called by the 49ers, Kaepernick hits Vernon Davis for an 18 yard pass.
  • Crabtree finds the endzone for first 49ers touchdown (Ravens lead 49ers 28-13 with 7:20 in 3Q) – (Colin Kaepernick had 58 passing yards and 20 rushing yards on that last drive.)
  • Ted Ginn Jr. with a solid punt return for the 49ers, after Flacco was sacked on the previous play.
  • Gore rushes 6-yards and into the endzone for 49ers touchdown. (Ravens lead 49ers, 28-20 with 4:59 left in the 3rd quarter. 49ers have had 106 yards and 2 TDs after the power outage, the Ravens only had 16 yards in two drives.)
  • Ray Rice fumbles and the 49ers recovered.
  • Akers misses the field goal but their is a flag on the Ravens for running into the kicker, which is a five-yard penalty and is now 4th&2. SECOND Attempt is GOOD. (Ravens lead 49ers, 28-22 with 3:10 left in the 3rd quarter.)
  • Ravens lead 49ers, 28-23 at the end of the 3rd quarter.
  • Haloti Ngata ruled doubtful to return due to a knee sprain.
  • Ravens make the field goal. (Ravens lead 49ers 31-23 with 12:54 left in the 4th quarter.)
  • Kaepernick connects with Randy Moss for a 32 yard play.
  • Kaepernick rushes 15 yrds into the endzone. May go for 2-pt conv. (Sets record for longest rushing TD by a QB)
  • 2pt conv is no good. (Ravens lead 49ers 31-29)
  • Ravens RB Bernard Pierce was checked out in locker room but appears to be okay and ready to return.
  • 49ers challenge the play for the Boldin first down. (49ers win the challenge)
  • Boldin response with a catch on 4th&short.
  • Ray Lewis and the Ravens still hold the lead over the 49ers, 31-29 with 4:50 left in 4th quarter.
  • Ravens kicker Justin Tucker makes the field goal to take the five point lead. (49ers have never led the game)
  • Crabtree with a 24-yard catch against the Ravens defense. (Kaepernick over 300 yards passing now)
  • Frank Gore with a 33-yard run to make it 1st & Goal.
  • Ravens lead 49ers 34-29 at the 2 minute warning.
  • Ravens hold off the 49ers in the redzone.
  • Ravens lead 49ers, 34-29 with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter.
  • Ravens will punt the ball to the 49ers with 11 seconds remaining in the game, after running out the final minute off the clock.
  • Ravens give up the safety to the 49ers, taking 8 seconds off the clock.
  • Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII
  • Ravens QB Joe Flacco named Super Bowl MVP.
    Flacco threw for 287 yards with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions against the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

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