The Guru calls for Eagles over Cowboys on Thanksgiving

By Trey Crosby III

You can tell everybody that I’m the man. The Guru went 12-3 last week and if you don’t think I’m rolling then you don’t know what rolling is at all. It’s late into November and Turkey Day is almost here. I won’t put you to sleep with a long and drawn out article this week.

Oh, I did tell you guys I was going to go berserk on RGIII for his performances for the better part of the last couple of seasons. Kudos to Jay Gruden for taking care of that for me, thanks buddy. How long before he gets fired?



​​​​​Overall Record (105-70)
Last Week (12-3)

​​​​​GuruDAMNtee (11-1)

​​​​​Upset Special (2-10)

Chicago 17 @ Detroit 21

Philadelphia 28 @ Dallas 27

Seattle 21 @ San Francisco 18

Cleveland 20 @ Buffalo 26

San Diego 28 @ Baltimore 31

Carolina 30 @ Minnesota 21 *Upset Special

Cincinnati 24 Tampa Bay 20

Tennessee 17 @ Houston 24

Washington 23 @ Indianapolis 34 GuruDAMNtee

New York Giants 26 @ Jacksonville 17

New Orleans 28 @ Pittsburgh 33

Oakland 17 @ St. Louis 21

Arizona 35 @ Atlanta 20

New England 28 @ Green Bay 26

Denver 27 @ Kansas City 24

Miami 28 @ New York Jets 13

Short week for Dallas. I still think in the grand scheme of things, Dallas is a better team overall than Philly, but I’ll go with the Eagles on Turkey Day. Risky pick here, if Philly can’t pull this one off, it will say a lot about what they have going.

I’m taking Seattle on the road against Frisco. Seattle isn’t the team they were last season, but they are playing better right now and seem to have figured some things out. They won’t win the division, but they’ll beat an underachieving Niners on Thursday night.

I’ll take Indy for my GuruDAMNtee this week. Gruden benched RGIII as he rightfully should have. Griffin has been given the benefit of the doubt for far too long out in Washington and finally somebody decided to hold him responsible for his poor play. Colt Mccoy got is 1-0 as a starter, but pencil him in for his first loss on Sunday.

I’m back picking Carolina this week. Not a huge upset, but they are 2 point underdogs and this is a huge game for them. I believe Ron Rivera when he said the Panthers were given new life after both the Falcons and the Saints lost during their bye week. This is IT however for the Panthers. If they can’t figure out a way to beat a rookie quarterback, they might as well kiss any thought of the NFC South title goodbye.

Pittsburgh is really good at home. New Orleans still can’t find a way to pull out wins on the road. This one is a no brainer to me, I’ll take the Steelers to pound through the Saints and continue the AFC North dominance over the NFC South.

Give me the Patriots over Green Bay. This is a statement game for two of the leagues best teams. I’m not sure we should draw too much from the outcome, whatever it may be. Just enjoy a good competitive game from two of the top quarterbacks in the World.

Kansas City dropped the ball by losing to Oakland last week. I think that’s going to do it for them as far as having a realistic shot at winning the AFC West. They’re going to take a loss in Denver and things will get really tight on Andy Reid and his Chiefs. Wake me up when the Chiefs throw a touchdown to a wide receiver on their roster.


What do you think sports fans? Let us know!

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