An Aging Minnesota Viking still thinks he can play at a top level

The Minnesota Vikings have a roster full of unique players on their team, they also have a couple of the oldest players.

One being Brett Farve but they also have the oldest player on the defensive side of the ball as well.

That title belongs to Pat Williams, who has been playing defensive lineman for the Vikings for six out of fourteen years in his career.

Williams is in the last year of his Vikings contract this year.

He said he still thinks he has what it takes to play at a top level and would like to be a member of the Vikings again next year right next to his fellow teammate Kevin Williams, who together are known as the “Williams Wall”.

Despite all the drama that has been going on with the offensive side of the ball with the Vikings. Kevin and Pat have been in a long legal dispute with the NFL after they were alleged of using a banned diuretic.

The case continues to be disputed in the court system as it has since 2008, which has stopped the NFL from suspending both former pro bowl players.


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